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    You’ve Got Some Lipstick On Your…

    I love  You may not have heard of it…or maybe you have.  They sell a lot of stuff, really cheap.  You only need to give up the expectation of a speedy or even a normal delivery time on most items. With that being said,  again, I Love
  • What A Heel!

    Gone are the days when a woman would be asked to dance at a party and she would either decline because her high-heeled feet were killing her OR she needed to take the shoes off and mess up her look.  Thanks to German company Mime et moi, you have...
  • An Evening With Fashion Vie



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    Shop Where You Live

    This Valentine's Day show your love for local and your loved ones at the same time and shop where you live and love - Shop Where I Live, Staten...
  • NYC Mobile Covid-19 Vaccination Bus

    Vax It…NYC Style

    Maybe you’ve been planning to get vaccinated against Covid-19 but just haven’t had the time, or have been overwhelmed by the process.  New York City is stepping up to...
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    Staten Island Zoo Gets A Quiet Space

    As an animal-lover, every trip to the zoo can be an overwhelming experience. At the first roar of a lion, one can be overcome by the energy. But being...

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